JR Propo S8935+

Artikkelnr.: JR41540

JR Propo S8935+ programmable

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Same as previous NX8935.

Torque: 11.7(4.8V)/ 16.0(6.6V)/ 17.8(7.4V)/ 20.2(8.4V)kg・cm

Speed:  0.10(4.8V)/ 0.07(6.6V)/ 0.06(7.4V)/ 0.05(8.4V)Sec/60°

Weight: 72g

Dimension: 35mm x 21mm x 40.5mm 
Length of lead harness: 300mm 
Operating Voltage: 4.5V - 8.5V 
Wide Voltage 
Double ball bearings 

Do not use this servo under the different voltage other than specified.


* Slow start function

* Compatible with any radio using PWM control

XBus compatible allowing:

*120 to 180 deg travel

* You can adjust Dumping, Hold, Deadband, etc

If used on a large and Heavy control surface -> Try to adjust Dumping, Holding, Dead band, Boost, etc.

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