Energy Power Hybrid Skid for SYE12

Artikkelnr.: EP-HVS

Energy Power Hybrid Skid for SYE12

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An ultra-lightweight carbon hybrid skid.
The shape will not change anymore! !!
Moreover, it is 15g lighter than the duralumin skid! !!

Since it is made of carbon even with a little hard landing, it does not bend
and has excellent durability.

The mounting holes are exclusively for SYE12 and mounting is very easy.

Since the brace part is carbon molded, it draws streamlines and has an outstanding style.
The pipe part uses duralumin, and
it is developed by mixing the hard quality of carbon and the shock absorption of duralumin to minimize the "splash" peculiar to the carbon skid at the time of landing.


* It may be broken due to hard landing.
 It´s quite durable, but can crack in the case of a terrible hard landing.
* Since this skid is painted in white, the paint may peel off naturally due to rubbing during landing.

Height 25mm to the bottom of the brace part
172mm from the end of the pipe to the end of the pipe
Overall length 372mm

* Accessories
EP carbon hybrid skid body
Cap bolt M3x8 4 pieces
M3 washer 4 pieces

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