JR Propo S3422 2K Mini Servo

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JR Propo S3422 2K Mini Servo. Replacing S3411 2K

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Torque: 6.4 (6.6V) / 7.9 (7.4V) / 9.0 (8.4V) kg・cm
Speed: 0.14 (6.6V)/0.12 (7.4V)/0.11 (8.4V) Sec/60°
Weight: 30 g
Dimensions: 33 x 15 x 26.5 mm
Lead length: 300mm
Operating Voltage: 4.5V – 8.5V
Neutral Frequency: 1500μSec.
Control frequency: XBUS: 2KHz / PWM: 333Hz
Application: ~67" 3D Acro/Biplane F3A Machine/Pylon Machine

■ Equipped with coreless motor

■ Programmable (slow start: ON)

■ Metal gears
■ Wide voltage
■ Double ball bearings (φ10/φ7)
■Operating angle: 120°/180° (150°/180° with XBUS Servo Programmer)


A new model is now available in the XBus-compatible programmable mini servo range.
Both torque and speed are more advanced than conventional servos, and it is a servo that can also be used for electric acro machines such as the 67" class.
Of course, the XBUS computer programmable function allows the holding force and damping adjustment to be changed according to the characteristics of the aircraft. The operating angle can also be set to 120° and 180°, and after storing the set characteristics in the servo memory, it can be used with the same characteristics in the radio system of other manufacturers.

★What is a 2K servo? The control frequency of the
servo has been increased from 1 kHz to 2 kHz. (*Regardless of PWM connection or XBUS connection)
The doubling of the control frequency improves movement, responsiveness, neutral retention, and initial torque.
The occurrence of hunting has been greatly reduced, and a smoother motion feeling has been achieved.

[About parameters]
The control parameters of this product are adjusted for use at 7.4V or higher.
Therefore, if you feel that the suppression is weak or the stop is poor when used at a lower voltage, adjust the parameter value in the XBUS setting.

If you use a product from another company other than the JR genuine servo horn, there may be something that comes into contact with the upper case when the servo horn screw is tightened. If you use it in that state, the servo will be overloaded, and in the worst case, it may burn out, so please check carefully before use.
Solution: Put a washer between the output gear and the servo horn.

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